About Absolute Energy

Trust. Transparency. Tailored Service

With a 98% customer retention rate, there’s no other company like Absolute Energy. We are built on three fundamental principles – integrity, trust and an unwavering commitment to putting our customer first in their natural gas energy needs.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Absolute is an Energy Manager, not an Energy Marketing company. This means we don’t sell you natural gas like our competitors do. We source, manage and procure it for you at the lowest possible price, outperforming other supply contracts.

How we provide natural gas at affordable prices:

Building Trust & Transparency

As a service-driven business, we work hard to develop trust with our customers. A large part of this is providing complete pricing disclosure. Unlike our competitors, we consistently communicate with you throughout the trading process and provide monthly reports detailing all natural gas purchases. With no exclusive ties to suppliers, we always work in your best interests. No hidden fees or premiums, just complete transparency. 

Ensuring Flexibility & Personalized Service

We know that every business has its own unique energy needs. At Absolute, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Whether selecting suppliers, purchasing gas or developing a price risk management strategy, we work with you at every stage to tailor our services to your needs.

Fostering Industry Credibility

We may be a boutique firm in comparison to our competitors, but that’s actually a key element of the Absolute Difference. Our agility and ability to customize natural gas supply solutions to each individual customer has led us to become, by volume, the largest supply manager in BC, delivering over half the province’s industrial and commercial load. Our customers include School Districts, Cities, greenhouses, pulp & sawmills, hotels, restaurants, property managers, and light industrials.

Delivering Comprehensive Services & Decades of Experience

With decades of experience in the energy market, our team has the industry expertise to optimize your natural gas portfolio and mitigate your exposure to volatility. We keep our finger on the pulse of regulatory developments that may impact you, keeping you informed of any changes to pipeline tolls and utility rates. From contract negotiation to supply management to accounting and price risk strategy, we coordinate your entire natural gas supply process from purchase to delivery.

Putting the Customer First

With Absolute, you are never just a number. Facilitating your supply from the wellhead to the burner tip, our success is intrinsically tied to the performance of the natural gas contracts we negotiate for you. Actively monitoring and sourcing your natural gas supply, we are on-call 24/7 to respond to your individual needs. Many energy marketers sell fixed or pooled prices for their own profit, not yours. Our recommendations are based solely on your needs, risk profile and ensuring you receive the greatest value from the supply chain.

Contracting Pipeline Assets For You

We diligently monitor the natural gas prices at each key supply point for our customers. Exploiting any price depressions that occur along the pipeline, we contract transportation assets to ensure we deliver maximum cost-savings on your natural gas supply.

Customer Testimonials

We made the switch to Absolute Energy in 2014 and have not looked back. They have continually brought innovative techniques to optimize savings and create real value for our business. Their understanding of the market and our specific needs have been invaluable. The level of personal service I receive in managing our gas costs is second to none.

Dave Powers, Mill Manager, Coastland Wood Industries

The management and tracking of our natural gas portfolio is critical to Tolko Industries, as energy is a significant input cost to our manufacturing facilities. Absolute Energy has been managing our portfolio for over 5 years, ensuring we achieve the most competitive fixed rates, supply premiums and transportation costs. Brokering supply deals not only affords Tolko the best pricing, but also increased reliability of supply and transport capacity. Absolute’s services also provide short and long-term market assessments allowing us to develop purchasing strategies that align with our business needs.

-  Tolko Industries

Absolute Energy has been providing SunRype Products with a high-level of service in all matters regarding our natural gas purchases for a number of years. Absolute's value to SunRype lies in their understanding of the energy market and their dedication to us. A volatile natural gas market continues to present many challenges to SunRype, but Absolute Energy has been able to manage price risk effectively and deliver a more stable energy budget. Their team takes a hands-on approach to understanding our specific purchasing requirements and has helped us to source the most competitive supply options available. We like their frequent market updates and hedging recommendations, which has kept us informed of future buying opportunities.

-  SunRype, Engineering Services

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